Thursday, September 6, 2012


Secret Santicore 2012 is here! From now til midnight Friday 14th September, Santicore will hear your pleas for succor and do his damnest to deliver! 

Everybody who wants in click on the link below and fill out their request for some specific brand new campaign material--a new race, a location, a one-shot adventure outline, a random table, whatever. The idea is to be as specific as you need to be, but not too greedy (ask for a page or two of material). 

Then I'll mix all the requests up and send them back out to the people who entered. Everybody gets the requests that weekend of the 14th-16th, and then they have til midnight Sunday 30th September to write up something matching the request and email it back to me. Only two weeks?! I hear you say? Last year everyone had two weeks and everyone delivered on time (nearly).I UPDATE: make that MIDNIGHT SUNDAY OCTOBER 7TH. I can be a little flexible, but do try to meet that deadline so that the frothing team of Santicore's Little Helpers can sink their chiseled fangs into it and ensure your gift can be included in the collected PDF that (Santicore willing) will be released just before the holidays kick in. And if you can't wait to share it til then, put it on your blog or wotnot.





• Be as specific as you need to be, but don't get greedy. Asking for a d20 table is cool, and a d100 table if you're lucky. but a d1000?--better let your Secret Santicore know that going that extra 900 miles is optional. Asking for a structure is cool, a whole mega-dungeon isn't.
• If you just want art or a map, that's cool too. This year thirteen artists and cartographers have been awesome enough to help out and I'll make sure your request goes to one of them.

• The original requester's name and e-mail address will be on the request unless s/he specifically asks otherwise.

• One request per person. Santicore likes the taste of people who break this rule.

• All human undertakings involving interactions between strangers involve a capacity for misunderstanding and idiocy. Secret Santicore is a gift horse. Do not look it in the mouth. No bad-mouthing people for what they ask for or provide. Serious and simulatory requests may get gonzo answers, gonzo requests may get serious answers, c'est la vie. If you're worried, try to be specific in your request so you get something you can really use.

• If you commit to something - a request, or helping out behind the scenes - then find you can't come through with the goods that's perfectly okay, life happens, as long as you let me know as soon as you know. 

• None of this stuff should get used commercially unless the person who wrote it gets paid.

• While Secret Santicore sprang from the loins of the OSR DIY movement, there's zero reason you can't request something for your sci-fi/supers/horror/whatever-game. You don't have to request D&D-specific stuff. I bet anybody could handle a sci-fi or super request--but just be aware that the pool of people responding to your request will be the pool of people who read Playing D&D with Pornstars and act accordingly.

• This is Open Content.

• I reserve the right to completely fuck this up, but will try very hard not to. If I get swamped with requests, it might be a little late. I'll do my best.

• On the tiny chance that I get absolutely hammered with a bazillion requests I'll have to limit the numbers to some arbitrary figure, based on what I think is possible to deliver within the time frame available. If it's just too big, I'll make sure that your request gets delivered via email, but I might have to limit the numbers on what goes in the PDF. Will reserve judgement on that one.

• Don't post your request in the comments below or email it to me. Use the form. Or Santicore will suck your neurons out your nose.

• Still got questions? Email me on malignicant at gee male dawt calm.


  1. Bite down on a stick and hang on to something, Jez.

  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year...

  3. My request appears simple and lovely but I feel like maybe sucked-in to whoever gets it.


  4. Got my request in. Thanks for doing this.

  5. What, is it Christmas already down under?

    Mine should be a good one, anyway.

  6. Trent why are you asking people to come on you...

    Wait.. oh.. Oooohhh..

  7. Not _on_ me Jez... just _at_ me.

    Like.. in my general vicinty. I don't actually want anything _on_ me. That would be gay.

  8. @ Roger the GS: Nah just selling our house and moving overseas at some random point between now and christmas, getting in early so that I don't have to work right through the holidays like last year. I got divorceface for that.

  9. @ Trent: Did you just take my name in vain? KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

  10. This is a great idea! I am genuinely excited. I put "writing" as my contribution, hopefully i'll get to stretch my wings a bit with my request.

  11. I'm all giddy on prospects of writing someones request, like when players use a wish spell and you try interprent it in "creative" way.

  12. This is my first time, and I just got my request. To clear up a matter of Santicore etiquette, If I love the thing I get sent, would it be cool to share it with the world?

  13. in the universal order of things, it might bring about the destruction of the world. or not. Some Santicorians like to post their completed request on their blog when they finish it, some like to wait til the PDF comes out. heck you're putting in hard yards for free, I can't really tell you what to do!

  14. I'm late to the party as usual, but if you'd like some last minute contributions (art, etc), I'd love to throw some stuff your way.

    I should start actually using Google+ :|

  15. A long time done, this, but still I hope- pray, would you have a copy of the Secret Santacore 2012 PDF you could share? I am hoping to upload the full Santacore set onto for posterity (as well as to raise all manner of evil havoc with my poor unsuspecting players) and lack only 2012 at this point. I've searched deep, but resources are thin, as the initial distributions were not large, but I thought you'd be good to at least ask.

    Yea or nay, I would say: keep up the good work.