Monday, December 3, 2012

Sorry Folks, no Santicore PDF

Crappy news; I can't keep up my commitment to getting the Secret Santicore PDF document created in time for the holiday season. The combination of moving overseas, obligations to clients and family, and my old man dying on the weekend has unfortunately gotten the best of me and I can't see any realistic way I can get it done. So I have to let it go.

I want to thank Chris, Dallas, Erik, Mike and Trey for all their excellent wranglework so far, you guys have been awesome. Thanks also to the various creatives who were willing to stump up their time for layout, illustration and editing, it would have been champion. Lastly thank you to all the Santicorians for their efforts in creating their gifts. Rest assured that everyone involved will have their creations delivered to their lucky Secret Santicorian. If you want to make any changes to what you've created by all means do so, just let either myself or you wrangler know. 

It sucks, and I wish I could make it happen somehow, but no.

Sorry, Jez.


  1. No to press you hard on this, but couldn't you just let the release date slip until, say, March 20?

    The Spring Equinox is a delightful time for those of us who fear the darkness.

    On the other hand, pulling this wonderful PDF together is no small amount of work (thank you for last year's ish!) You may be looking for someone else to take the reigns.

  2. I'd hate to see this project end after all the hard work that's gone into it, both on your behalf, and on those who've contributed.

    Please send me a note on Google+ or via my tumblr ( if there's anything I can do to make this project a reality for the holiday season.

  3. NOOOO! Just do it!! (We promise we won't say anything about the stupid holiday release date!)

  4. Also deepest condolences. If a finished Santicore happens it happens, that's not important in the long run, you take care.

  5. You have more important stuff to deal with, this is just silly gaming stuff.

  6. Ah, I'd asked you on another post earlier today about this book- I'd not seen this post, but had been inspired by another post from 2018:

    Chris has been extraordinarily helpful and patient, and granted the 2014 set to me, but not the 2012. If it exists.

    Well, like I said before, one can hope...