Thursday, March 7, 2013

PORPHYRY: World of the Burn is DONE!

Just handed in the last of sixty-nine illustrations for Kyrinn S. Eis' PORPHYRY: World of the Burn supplement for Tunnels and Trolls.

Fantastic, daunting, fingernail destroying, heartbreaker of a project to work on; I've never done so many illustrations for any one project before; not sure I could do it again. But we'll see.

The layout is now with Kyrinn for final approval, should be available for print on demand soon, with a PDF to follow. I'll let ya'll know. Thanks for following the project from the very first illustrations til now; when I started I'd just got tarted with the chiaroscuro effect using brushes in Photoshop. Compare those first efforts with the last and you'll see a difference; the last pieces - "War of the Burn" and "Face Off" are some of the best illustrations I've done.

Anyway, hope you grab a copy when the hit the streets, and I hope you like what you see.

Time to slay the Flame Princess.

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  1. The wait has been well worth it, Jez. Your quality illustrations have defined Porphyry's look. The layout work is excellent, too. I'm very excited about our little business endeavour.