Monday, March 5, 2012

Lilith & Lolth & Illith & Thlaadi

SO... I'm running a game this time next week for a bunch of lads, some who haven't played D&D for 10 or 20 years. I've gotta find a balance between keeping it simple enough that they pick it up real quick, and complex enough to keep the regulars happy. I'm gonna run a hacked version of Castles & Crusades as it's the closest I can find to what I want out of an OSR system; I'm toying with pregens just so we can get gaming quick, but most importantly, if they're gonna make me run an old school dnd game, this is what I feel obliged to give you: Mind Flayers and Yuan-Ti and Drow and Slaad.

A few years back I had a go at a cosmology/world history for a PbP called Tales of the Black Tentacle, finding a way to combine these guys into one unified story. Here's the brainstorming notes, which I'm gonna jury rig as the background to the new campaign; next post, my ideas for the stomping ground and the first adventure.


  1. Illinois Illithids. I hate Illinois Illithids.

  2. It's a hundred and six miles to the Underdark, we've got a full wand of fireballs, half a quiver of arrows, it's dark, and we're using infravision.

    "Hit it."