Thursday, May 24, 2018

Star Wars D6 Character Sheet (5 pages)

 Star Wars JezD6 Character Sheets PDF link
Seems like a good day to upload
the latest version of my 5 page Star Wars D6 Character Sheets.
[EDIT: SIX pages now as of June 2019]

Two pages for your character,
one for Allies, Sidekicks, Companions and Droids,
one for Beast, Mounts, Pets or Vehicles, 
and now two for your Starship.

Click the pic or the link below to get your paws on the PDF:

Hope you dig, and lemme know if there's any typos or stuff I missed.

For use with the Star Wars D6 Rules Essentials, my streamlined "best of" from all the early editions
of the greatest Star Wars roleplaying game, which you can check out here:


  1. Hi, amazing job. Is it possible to have the file in another format (psd or other) to translate it into French please? There are many French fans of the D6 edition, including me;)

    1. If you can translate it for me I can set it up.

      There will be a form-fillable PDF soon.

    2. Hi Jez, do you have a psd or a pdf form fillable with the layers for me ?

  2. What happened to to the Diplomacy skill? Other than that, this is a great sheet.

    Also, I looked over your Star Wars document, and noticed a few minor things that looked a little off, like weird justification on the tables, and unfinished sections. Was this a work in progress?

  3. I'm digging this. I found your site after searching for a SW D6 character sheet. I like the work you've done. I, myself, have been working on a version of the game too. It's mostly taking what I like of the FFG system and the WEG system and melding the two.

    I'd love to be able to chat about what you are doing sometime.

  4. My group and I have played for almost six sessions using your PDFs as a base - thank you so much! You really helped condense a somewhat dense ruleset down into a few very manageable reference sheets. Especially loved the Edges and Burdens which are not present in any of the base rules I have been able to find. Keep up the great work!