Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Year Ahead

The death of G+ is gonna hurt, baaaad. It's been my main RPG connection to the rest of the community since its inception, and there really isn't another social media platform quite like it.

G+ was responsible for giving me my break into the RPG industry, and has been responsible for 90% or more of my connections, work opportunities, and most importantly friendships I've made online since 2011.

I'm really, really gonna miss it.

Here's where you can contact me:


or drop a comment in any blogpost here.

I'm yet to find a suitable replacement for G+, and I've let this blog wallow for the last couple of years because of the amount of good stuff that went on there. So I'm gonna fire this blog up again while I work on a bunch of things that'll include:

• FERAL RPG - the big thing I'm working on
• graphic and information design commentary for RPGs
• freelance design, illustration and cartography projects I'm working on:
  - Odious Uplands for Jason Sholtis
  - Orcs! A High-Octane Adventure for Mike Evans' Hubris RPG
  - whatever else gets lined up
• The Greyhawk Gang - my weekly meatgamers' 5E D&D game that's been running since April 2016, starting at 1st level with B2 Keep on the Borderlands, now currently 11th Level at the end of G123
• My search for the best iteration of d20 D&D rules
• Star Wars D6 Rules Essentials - my ongoing pet project taking the best from all the SW games
• Random RPG material - whenever it turns up

Also gonna update this blog, starting with the RPG Graphic Design page with all the stuff I've worked on since 2011 -

If you want to check out Feral RPG you can download free playtest PDFs and character sheets here:


And I'll post updates and community stuff here:

FB Page:
MeWe Group:

If you want to support Feral RPG:


You can check out my Star Wars D6 Rules Essentials PDF here:

and download character sheets from here:

So I'm not certain exactly how the year ahead's gonna pan out online, but I'll be hammer and tongs Feral and other stuff whatever happens.

Stay in touch.