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FLINTLOCK FANTASY: Campaign Notes II: Peoples


So I hammered out some notes on the main species, again just trying to keep it simple as. I also thought it'd help the players with the new setting if I'd make a list of sample characters to inspire them. The ones that don't get chosen I can use as NPC ideas.

  • The conquerors, bastion of civilization, bringers of light, inspired thinkers.
  • Dominant species throughout the island contient of Thaumatria, and the world.
  • Founders of the Thaumatrian Empire now fractured and divided.
Main religions:
  • The Church of Carcassara: veneration of a Leviathan that gave its flesh so that humans could live. Currently undergoing a major schism resulting in war across the continent. Venerates sacrifice and atonement for actions.
  • The Jugger Behem: placation of a pantheon of cruel monstrous gods through sacrifice and bloodshed. Venerates violence, power and control.
  • Meliorism: devotion to the purity of science and mathematical absolutes. Venerates technological advancement for the betterment of humanity.

  • Owlfolk from the frigid northern lands.
  • Carnivorous, dark-sighted and silent fliers that prefer the night.
  • Mercenary “Vorrhun” sellswords arrived in Thaumatria a century ago.
  • Famous for their skill as hunters and warriors.
  • Infamous for their merciless treatment of their enemies.
  • Worship a pantheon of northern nature deities ruled by the god Voroshka.
  • Welcomed for bringing their ice magic to the heat of the desert.
  • Roost in eyries located high in the cities or upon mesa peaks.
  • Family oriented with clan loyalties, sending tribute to their distant king.
  • Freely mingle with other cultures, but regarded with wary respect.
  • Cultured, speaking Thaumatrian and their own Tylluan language.

  • Small Catfolk that might be descended from wizard’s familiars.
  • Carnivorous, dark-sighted and silent fliers that prefer the night.
  • Capricious, erudite, self-serving, and captivating.
  • If they have a god, it would be The Mog, the first of their kind.

  • Small Ratfolk bred to serve as slaves for the Thaumatrian Empire.
  • Omniverous, dark-sighted, keen sense of smell.

  • A general term for the monstrous peoples from the southern jungles.
  • Shrouded in mystery, rumor and fear, few facts are certain.
  • Snakes, reptiles, great lizards, all in a myriad of horrible hybrid forms.
  • Carnivorous, cannibalistic, heat-sighted, and most active during the day.
  • Famous for their exotic temples and strange arcane practices…
  • … infamous for said practices involving human sacrifice and suffering.
  • Once invaded the southern archipelago of the Thaumatria continent.
  • Several enclaves of Gorgon strongholds still remain, but most reconquered.
  • Pay homage to demonic creatures from beyond, usually in prisoners.
  • Gorgon slavers plague the Thaumatrian coasts in stolen vessels.
  • Also trade in illicit narcotics sourced from deep within the jungle.

Interesting that they're all witch's familiars. Unintentional.


  • A veteran Thaumatrian soldier scarred from endless desert campaigns against the Gorgons.
  • A youthful marine eager to prove their mettle on the high seas.
  • A determined high-born bodyguard assigned to protect visiting dignitaries from the Capital.
  • A mercenary Tylluan swordclaw devoted to their family’s blade.
  • A shackled Gorgon gladiator hungry to win their freedom.
  • A bloodthristy Bruxi seadog in it as much for the pillage as the plunder.
  • A skilful Mog duelist out to take on allcomers whatever the size.
  • A Tylluan musketeer who takes too much pleasure in their trade.
  • A honey-tongued Mog charlatan happy to lighten fool’s pockets to feed their addiction.
  • A worldly merchant noble in exile eager to slay their ennui.
  • A sunkissed buccaneer on the run from and arranged marriage.
  • A dashing pistoleer who wished they didn’t have to use violence to get the job done.
  • A black-plumed Tylluan thief who steals strange artefacts brought back from southern jungles.
  • A well-connected Bruxi street urchin who knows all the bolt holes across the city.
  • A poverty-stricken dirt farmer forced into banditry to appease the king’s taxmen.
  • A pluckskulled Tylluan street thug who rejects the old ways and embraces the new.
  • A troubled Carcassaran inquisitor who has read too many heritical texts.
  • A devout noble cultist who will never abandon the monstrous pantheon of their ancestors.
  • A serene Tylluan ice priest happy to share the blessings of Voroshka the Winter Wind.
  • A charming Carcassaran healer determined to share the curative flesh of their dead god.
  • A drunk Thaumatrian visionary touched by the strange beings that lurk in jungle ports.
  • A self-absorbed Mog agitator hell-bent on being worshipped as a god.
  • A curious Tylluan scholar searching for evidence of the true origins of life.
  • A pompous Meliorian industrialist who will bring the benefits of science to the betterment of all.
  • A nervous Bruxi war wizard, educated in Thaum but unproven in battle.
  • A monstrous high-born arcanaut corrupted by sorcery and desperate to find a cure.
  • A grieving military captain who sold their soul to devils in return for unearthly power.
  • A haughty sea mage in constant employ by merchant rivals who demand alliegence and loyalty.
  • A grim Thaumatrian weaponsmith eager to test their inventions in the field.
  • A cultured Mog diviner employed by a noble lord for their insights and advice.
  • A broken-winged Tylluan exile resolute on regaining flight by other arcane means.
  • A talented grave-robbing treasure hunter well versed in the family trade.

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