Monday, November 21, 2011

The Children of Umbraxu

Born from certain souls of newborn babes that have died in their mother's arms, the Children of Umbraxu want nothing more than to have and to hold. Sensitive to the psychic wailings of mothers of the dead, they seek out those who have lost their sons and daughters, eager to fill their void with a smothering, all-encompassing embrace. One touch from its grasping arms is enough to cause the object of their desire to surrender, and they are united as one when the parent is finally held and absorbed within the Child. Once consummated, the Umbraxu drifts onwards, driven by a baby's greed for love. Weapons have little effect on these amorphous creatures, though the sound of a baby's rattle is said to be a murderous cacophony that drives them utterly mad. 

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