Saturday, November 26, 2011


Simple game: you give me a subject matter - characters (portraits is good, I like 'em) gamey stuff, whatever - I do one illustration a day for seven days and post the results at the end of the week.

Good for you: you get piccies of what you want; good for me: I get to bulk up my illustration muscles and my portfolio.


EDIT: For DrCheckmate...


  1. A werecoyote laughing quite merrily.

  2. I actually have sumthin pretty close on file... lessee... here's a weredingo for you.

  3. OK. Wow. That's... That's just awesome! I don't suppose I could get his twin brother, slightly exasperated with his whimsical sibling, standing back to back?

    I've got a much more elaborate request involving goblins and trolls if you would like.

  4. It was some concept art from a couple of years ago that never got used. I'll see what I can do about getting the sibling in there. I wanna keep Weeklings short and sweet speed sketches for now, but you can always email me something more complicated and we can discuss it from there. malignicant at gee male dawt calm.

  5. Captain of the Centipede King's Amazon Bodyguard

  6. Three humans disguised as a basilisk (including a rotting basilisk head) fighting a manticore. There is fighting elsewhere in the cave but for this scene the three are on their own, their plan of tricking the manticore into fleeing having failed. Now it's time to draw those weapons and go mano a mano. (Based on actual play.)