Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DungeonFu for Google+

So this is for anyone who's using Google+ Hangout to run dungeon crawls online: a map-making template that anyone in game can use. Industrious DMs can make their maps before hand; lazy ones can make it up as they go.

I've included a sample map of a crypt that took me a little over an hour to do (though I use graphic programs every day) and I found Google Documents to be pretty nifty. One quick tip: once you've created a room, group all the objects used. Makes it easier to handle.

First time I've done something like this so if it's got bugs, lemme know (gently).

Go have fun with it; if you make anything with it send me a JPG so I can chuck it in here. Plus if you go all out and make geomorphs for others to use lemme know so I can link'em.

Last thing, there's plenty of free icons out there, specifically for this kinda thing; so if you think my designs suck just go for a quick search.


  1. DUDE. You're running STAR WARS - The Role-Playing Game?

    Hats off to YOU.

  2. SWD6 is what I think of when I hear old-school gaming. I'll put some campaign material up tomorrow.

  3. Holy Toledo!

    How do I use this? Haven't had time to play and figure it out yet, but this looks mega-cool.

  4. Very cool. I'll definitely have to check this out.

  5. Nice!

    I'm finishing up a project next week and plan to start a Rogues Gallery application for use with G+ over the holidays. I've got the online database (MongoDB) targeted and a prototype thrown together with an AS3 connector to it. I'll be initially targeting OSR games.

    Care to collaborate? Drop me a line: ewilde1968@gmail.com

  6. Very useful! I've got hooked on running games via Google+ Hangout and this dungeon mapping tools comes quite handy for me. Thanks!

  7. Hey there, wanted to send you a note about this with some free map resources that might play nicely with this template but couldn't find your email address. Here's mine: jonathan@fantasticmaps.com I've got some CC licensed dungeon tiles that might work well for you. Send me an email and we can discuss it further.