Thursday, November 24, 2011

Secret Santicore

Zak over at Playing D&D with Pornstars put out the request, and yeah: I give you SAGE with bells. And eggnog. Same deal as before, only the dates and email have changed. 

So from now til December 1st everybody who wants to participate e-mails me a request for some specific brand new campaign material--a new race, a location, a one-shot adventure outline, a random table, whatever. The idea is to be as specific as you need to be, but not too greedy (ask for a page or two of material). Then I'll mix all the campaign stuff requests up and e-mails them randomly back out to the people who entered. Everybody gets the requests, and then they have until December 21st to write up something matching the request. Then you post the material on-line or just send it back to the person who asked for that thing in the first place.



Send your requests, with the (all caps) subject SANTICORE REQUEST to malignicant at gee male dot calm.

Be as specific as you need to be, but don't get greedy. Asking for a d100 table is cool, but a d1000?--better let your Secret Santicore know that going that extra 900 miles is optional. Asking for a structure is cool, a whole mega-dungeon isn't.

I will stop taking new requests on December 1. Which is also when I'll re-mail them all out to respondents.

Then everyone has until December 21st to write up responses to the SAGE request he or she got.

From then til December 25th everyone must either post their product on-line or e-mail it to the original requester.

The original requester's name and e-mail address will be on the request unless s/he specifically asks otherwise.

One request per person.

All human undertakings involving interactions between strangers involve a capacity for misunderstanding and idiocy. Secret Santicore is a gift horse. Do not look it in the mouth. No bad-mouthing people for what they ask for or provide. Serious and simulatory requests may get gonzo answers, gonzo requests may get serious answers, c'est la vie. If you're worried, try to be specific in your request so you get something you can really use.

None of this stuff should get used commercially unless the person who wrote it gets paid.

You don't have to request D&D-specific stuff. I bet anybody could handle a sci-fi or super request--but just be aware that the pool of people responding to your request will be the pool of people who read PD&DWP and act accordingly.

If you want art, accept that some people (non-artists) may merely google some interesting art on the subject and e-mail it to you. Everybody entering is probably a GM, not everybody is an artist.

I reserve the right to completely fuck up since this is the first time, but will try very hard not to.

This is Open Content.


  1. I'm in! Thanks for organising this! :)

  2. Are you going to collect everything here? Because that would be cool to see what people come up with besides yourself.

  3. Collect it, bundle it into a PDF... make it the first Secret Santicore Annual.... sure, why not? Been doing graphic design for years, so it's easy enough for me to do (though I am an occasional member of the Cult of the White Space). All really depends on the quantity of requests and the quality of the results. So yeah, give me kick ass Santicore presents, and I'll reply in kind. The only issue I can see is quality control. Should all entries be included, or should only a select few of a certain standard be chosen, which sounds kinda exclusive but might make for a better end result? I dunno. And who gets to decide what's in or out?

  4. Jez, depending on the amount of entries, a simple poll could work: Everyone who contributed chooses their top 3 (or something) and then you tally up the score; top half gets in the Annual. :)

  5. Gygaxian Democracy in action. Works for me.

  6. @ Adapt - Great, please send me an email with your Secret Santicore request!