Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Needed a Break...

.... but breaking my ankle bushwalking this arvo wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Two weeks of me + sofa + laptop. Shit. What a holiday.

Some things I'm hoping to post up, while I'm laid out:

- a map to go with my Tomb of the Mog entry for Secret Santicore. (ran out of time and space on that one).

- a caverns version of DungeonFu.

- a wilderness hex version too.

- a few first details of MUTANTOR!

- plus I still owe you that hobbit, Simon.

 and yeah, got any blog requests, lemme know. 



  1. Oh, damn... get well, soon.


    You will find a request there.

  3. @ Lecker... you're not the first to mention a Lulu version. I'll look into it; if there's enough demand, once the typos have been fixed, and if the contributors are all happy to go ahead with it, and it's not too time consuming (Santicore ate my life for 5 weeks, and proud as she is, I think my wife wants me back, broken ankle or no) - then I'll give it serious thought.

  4. Take it easy and get well soon.

  5. Get well soon! (and hey, after 2 straight weeks with you, your wife may WANT you to pick up a new project. (grin)) Truly, though, there's nothing worse than being stuck on the couch for an extended period of time. I did that in early November.

  6. Sorry to hear about yer ankle, hope its not givin you much pain. I dont want to trouble you but I'm having some trouble with the Santicore pdf. Some pages look great and work fine, but most wont load at all or are all pixled and jumbled. So I'm looking for advice on how to get it working good and proper.

  7. hey Pierce, I'll shoot you an email and work out what's going wrong. Thanks for the heads up; hopefully it's just a one off.

  8. Looks like downloading the PDF once more solved Pierce's prob. phew.