Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weeklings #1

So last weekend I though I'd start a little weekly illustration game; I had a couple of bites (new blog, whaddya expect?), and here are the results of Jeremy Duncan's request for "the Captain of the Centipede King's Amazon Bodyguard." 

Who's up for Round Two?


  1. How about an illustration of a halfling chef wizard? He has a chef's hat and a ladle, and is chubby. He's my current PC, and cooks a lovely breakfast :)

  2. Thanks! Very cool, indeed. Completely different from what I was imagining, but in an awesome way. Wouldn't look out of place at all in someone's Dark Sun campaign.

  3. Hook Giant

    Hook Giants are the definition of a misunderstood creature. Magical by nature, the Les Pays (hobbit type creatures)once worshiped them as the children of the Gods placed upon the land. Standing 7 feet tall with abnormally long hands shaped like sickles and bodies with thick hair colored green and brass. They have a very short thick neck and prominent single eye.

    These creatures are abnormally fond of raw sugar cane.


  4. @ Simon - I'll see what I can do.

    @ Jeremy - yeah. I'd be up for Dark Sun any day :)

    @ Jason - sounds cool.

    @ Anarchist. Thanks! I appreciate your consideration, unfortunately I really don't think I'm the right guy for giving reviews on this sort of thing. Best of luck.

  5. From my own Santicore request (no spoilers here, since this was just used as an example)

    A plain where armored knights ride charging rhinos.

    That would a fear inspiring sight, wouldn't it?