Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Santicore : Contents Preview

Secret Santicore is on its way! Here's the contents page from the PDF with over 100 pages of Santicorey goodness. Awesome holiday reading awaits, available for download from 24th December! Totally FREE!

And if you can't wait til then look forward to the 8 page preview tomorrow! Be sure to spread the word! For now though, lemme know which entries catch your eye. Which entries can't you wait to see?


  1. The brilliant thing about Santicore is that even though I've seen maybe a third of these posted on blogs and such already, I can't wait to see the whole deal, all together! And then try to use it all in time for next year...

  2. Well, even though I did not have time to get involved this year, I personally am looking forward to:

    Obscure Magical Spells for Traps and Doors
    Unusual Traps both Mundane and Macabre

    (Thiefly me, as usual.)

  3. @Erik - I'LL USE IT IN ONE SESSION... wich is not very likely because I'm too old and have not enough time for whole-weekend-sessions anymore... and even then...

    I'm looking forward for the Monster Dungeon Adventure Generator... you can never have enough random generators.

  4. When you see what you asked for and what your were asked in the same table of contents, it really drives home to mutuality of Secret Santicore. :)

  5. @rorschachhamster - yknow, looking at the table of contents and knowing some of the contents (plus having read the preview)...I think you could probably use everything in the book as part of one mini-campaign pretty easily. Definite 'mutation' theme going on there, of course. :)